23 Sep 2008, 12:00am

Nicholas ‘Nik’ H. Morton

December 25, 1989 – September 23, 2008

Nicholas H. Morton, age 18, of Mpls, passed away on Sept. 23, 2008 as a result of a bicycle – truck accident. Nik was a 2008 graduate of South High School. He was a lover of music and the theater and was currently attending MCTC. He will be deeply missed by loving parents, Scott and Donna Morton; sister, Cristina, as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends.

Facebook group set up in his memory.

Photo by Matty Lang.

2 Oct 2008, 4:21pm
by Emily B

Nik was an amazing friend. We always had so much fun, just wondering the city and taking pictures and staying up all night on the phone. I love how much fun we had no matter what we did.

Nik, I love you and miss you. I wish you could see how much everyone loves you and how much you mean to everyone.

5 Oct 2008, 8:56am
by Allison K.

He really was an amazing friend and an amazing person in general. He was always there for you and always willing to lend a hand if need be. I think I will miss your hugs and your smile the most. Love you always and forever.

6 Oct 2008, 6:56pm
by Angela F.

He was one of those people that just wanted others to be safe and okay, even when it wasn’t exactly what he wanted. He showed me that many times. He always had the power to make me laugh and I’ll never be able to get that beautiful smile of his out of my head. He was just so generous and goofy. I love you and will never stop missing you, Nick.

dude, we will keep riding for you!

Nick was our security blanket. He wanted everyone to be happy and together no matter what problems he faced himself. His goofy smile was infectious and never failed to brighten my mood and just to make sure that I was feeling better, he would always wrap me up in the best of hugs. He was my best friend, my confident, and now my inspiration to live my life in a way that will make him proud. Nick, please stay by my side until it’s time for us to be together again. Until then, I love you and I’ll always miss you.

Nik.. He was the most amazing person I had ever met in my entire left, only knowing him for a few years and only really knowing him for about a year he still drastically changed my life in the best way possible more than anyone else has ever done. He had the biggest heart and cared for everyone so immensely.

Nik, I’ll miss you, so incredibly much and I can only hope you’re somehow still thinking about me somewhere and that I’ll see you again someday.

Nik was amazing. He loved humor and loved his friends. He was the kind of person who just understood life quickly, and never seemed to let anything hurt him. It was like he never had to search for anything…
And he laughed so much. He made so many people happy, just by being present.

24 Feb 2009, 5:03pm
by Angie K

he is a great friend that even to this day people are still feling the hurt from missing him. he was the person that everyone could talk to and was the glue that held people together. he was always able to put a smile on peoples faces.

Nik was truly one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known.We will always remember him, his laugh and smile. To this day we still feel a loss.

You will truly be missed. Bike Love.

Nik, you’d be happy to know that we now have a Voodoo in the rack. We’re building it up from a naked frame bought on ebay a few weeks ago. We’ll put your name on it somewhere and race it like the wind.



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